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Mt6582 android scatter txt.zip

Mt6582 android scatter txt.zip

MT Android Scatter - Download as Text File .txt), PDF File .pdf) or read online. Android Scatter File contain information of device structure it contains memory map of the image file. Size( B); text Mediatek Scatter Files Download MT Android Size( B); MT Android Scatter Version. Close SPFT, now modify the MT*skrynnik-ort.ru file and introduce a few errors in the partition names, but don't change PRELOADER or DSP_BL.[ROM][ROOTING]./

Some post processing needs done below the script: Here is a one off script for example use: I hope this helps. I will discuss a method for: Now click the "Add" button 8.

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It will say your PMT block does not match the scatter file. If not, read on Method 2 An alternate and supplemental way of getting scatter info is to use ADB on a running device.

You can manually create a scatter file from that, or you can paste the lines with partition info into a text file and run this shell script: I believe the PMT block is always at address 0x judging from a dozen different scatter files. If you ever restore, just go into Recovery and Wipe Data and Cache.

You might be able to fake that entry if you look at similar scatter files.

You will see the progress bar moving. Leave "Hex" selected, Start Address" 0x, Length: This creates files exactly the size of the partitions. If you have any questions, ask Install SP Flash Tool. No rooting, you might even do this before you ever boot!

Click the "Read back" button It might not even be required? Here are a few reasons to use the method I discuss here: Click on any items in the list, then click the "Remove" button 7.

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I recommend doing it before you do anything really. SPFT validates the scatter file against some of the image files, so you have to calm SPFT down by giving it something it can make sense of.

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I have basically done this with both of my devices before I fiddled too much. Save this as the PMT block and analyse it with a hex editor. Now it will popup a window "Readback block start address"


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