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Samsung p520


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samsung p520

В результате осенью года был анонсирован Samsung P, акцент в котором сделан на наличие крупной надписи GIORGIO ARMANI. Перед покупкой Samsung Giorgio Armani SGH-P, обязательно почитайте  Хорошо работает блютуз при передаче файлов на другой телефон самсунг. 2 магазина. Выбор по параметрам. Доставка из магазинов России и других регионов./

You can do multi-shot bursts too, and colour effects and frames for pics.

Hope tis is helpful for you. As with any touchscreen device post-iPhone, the Apple design is another obvious reference point. Of course, no other mobile maker has yet come up with an Apple-challenging touch UI either.

My greatest eureka is the size of this phone, barely the size of a credit card and not much thicker by comparison to say the iPhone which I like tremendously as well.

Samsung SGH-P520

The supplied pair do a decent, workmanlike job. It made browsing through pics frustratingly time-consuming. Handling Luxury branding is reflected in the sophisticated styling of the Giorgio Armani phone.

Samsung has included a regular bundle of additional functions, including calendar, voice memo and memo notes functions, convertor, world clock and timer.

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The built in music player initially resembles the standard Samsung player interface, with familiar categories lined up in a list. The subtle finish on the aluminium and stainless steel casing gives it a minimalist look and feel, with only two keys —call and end buttons — on the front panel, below the Giorgio Armani branding.

User-friendliness appears to be a casualty of the touchscreen system, as Samsung phones are usually spot-on with texting. Pressed in standby, the Call button usefully calls up recently used numbers, whether incoming or outgoing, to make dialling easier. When you choose a track though, it introduces some novel Croix user interaction.

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A form factor much like that of the PRADA Cellphone only considerably smaller to my surprise seeing it in real life and not on web sites. The small size of the phone means that a large numberpad fit for finger prodding takes up most of the screen.

Samsung Armani

But playback quality on a PC screen is quite average for a mid-tier mobile cameraphone. A series of four touch icons down the right hand side can be used to alter settings options.

With T9 predictive text engaged, you can see one line only two without T9 , which disappears stage left as you continue to type. One game, a moving pieces puzzle that requires touchscreen operation, is included too. Another glowing square in the centre of the display engages a further 5-option shortcuts menu for quick access to key features.

The video camera option can give you captured footage at x pixels maximum resolution, and looks decent played back full screen on the phone. All revolves around its 2. It has a lot of options and speakerphone. Audio player performance is pretty good too. So the Croix menu system is functional and more evolutionary than revolutionary for Samsung in operational terms.

Touch arrows under the web pages help you scroll across or down, while a Page Pilot feature enables you to take an overview of pages to zoom easily into required parts of a page. To see typed copy you have to flick back through with your finger, which is fiddly. I suppose you can tell I am very pleased to have this phone as part of my designer phone collection!

The Croix touchscreen user interface is engaged by dabbing the screen with your finger rather than with a stylus or fingernail. However for functionality wise the phone is not that great. This is most apparent in the awkward way text messaging has been executed. The sound is awesome. With no 3G or Wi-Fi sapping battery power, the phone boasts expected battery life of up to hours in standby mode or up to 6 hours talktime.

Samsung / Giorgio Armani SGH-P - Black (Unlocked) Cellular Phone | eBay

Phone battery life is good. Existing conventions have been adapted for the touchscreen interface rather than the system developed from scratch to optimise touch technology. Summary Honed for the fashion-conscious phone buyer, the Giorgio Armani Samsung handset certainly delivers the required visual impact, looking the part of a sharply suited but subtly stylish mobile.

A cross onscreen moves from right to left, and you can drag the horizontal line up or down to control volume.

You can get decent printable shots, with a nice colour balance in good lighting conditions. A dedicated side button switches it on, and the phone flips into landscape mode. Its couture credentials and touchscreen design bring it into direct comparison with the Prada Phone by LG, released last year.

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Inevitably compared to the iPhone, the Samsung Croix user interface lags behind in terms of slickness of operation and ease of use. Finger swiping is required to move up or down.


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